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Detaching with Love: A Path Toward Healthier Relationships

I have been on a journey of Soul Recovery for years now. It has been a process of letting go of control, fixing, and changing others. My two grown sons have their own lives and lifestyles now, and I have had to learn detachment with love.

On our recent trip together, I practiced observing my sons as the adults they are, without judgement. I let go of expectations and simply enjoyed being present in their world. Though the environment and late nights were difficult for me, I focused on my own tools and wellbeing. I recognized my concerns, and allowed myself to feel my feelings, and then turn them over to my Higher Power, and let go.

This shift allowed my husband and I to connect deeply. Rather than arguing about how to change the boys, we supported each other and focused on our own feelings. I felt profound gratitude for this new level of acceptance and love within our family.

As I reflect on the trip, I am reminded that true love means letting others be who they are meant to be. My journey continues, but I am profoundly grateful for the Soul Recovery that has brought me peace within myself and a new ability to love my family, just as they are. But mostly, to love myself, just as I am.

Rev Rachel Harrison

Written in assistance of .ai technology pulling from the Recover Your Soul Podcast transcript from the episode - Detaching with Love: A Path Toward Healthier Family Relationships

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