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Rev. Rachel Harrison 

My Soul Recovery date is February 2018… this is my second serious attempt at recovery and this time, I am different. I have had a Spiritual Awakening. My life has completely changed, and I owe that to the work of recovery and spiritual development - and what I call Soul Recovery. This new life has offered me serenity, love, connection, humility and inner happiness. ​The experience, strength and hope I received from spiritual teachers and others in recovery has given me the strength to leave behind a hopeless and unmanageable life, as well as the craving for drinking and control of others that consumed me.  I have learned so much from the rooms of 12-step, reading books, listening to podcasts, and the personal stories shared by others on a spiritual journey. We can not and should not have to recover alone.


​I have been married to Rich since 1994, and we have found a new love for each other in Soul Recovery.  My boys, now grown, are off living their own lives across the country and doing well. We are a happy and healthy family from our individual work of Soul Recovery. More importantly, I have learned how to be okay, even when those around me are not- including my family. This is a big change from our dysfunctional, alcoholic and codependent family dynamics in the past. ​I have heard an inner voice for a long time encouraging me to become a Minister, but I was in my own dark night of the Soul. The darkness that was such a big piece of my life and who I was, has transformed through the work of Soul Recovery. Now out of the darkness, I have achieved my dream and became an Ordained Minister with a Bachelors in Metaphysical Sciences in April of 2021. I have listened to the guidance of Higher Power to develop Recover Your Soul and share the journey through the Recover Your Soul Podcast, Spiritual Coaching, Workshops, and Courses. I am excited with what more is to come from this growing community.​ 

I am not special, I am just like anyone who has felt the pain and suffering of addiction and the effects of addiction in my relationships. However, I am here to share the experience -by turning my attention to myself I have changed the way I interact with the world and those around me.  I had tried for so long to change those around me, however, when I developed and loved ME, I found the happiness I had been looking for all along.

​Blessings Rev Rachel Harrison

Bridal Bouquet

Officiate Weddings

& Other Ceremonies

Rev Rachel will work with you to create a sacred and special service made just for you. 

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Offering an inspirational message at Spiritual Centers, events, or workshops.

Reaching Out


Available for consultation on podcast production and social media marketing.

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