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3 Years Sober- a quick gratitude

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

3 years ago I stepped off the airplane after an amazing trip to Thailand with my Mom- knowing that I was ready to do the work to have a better life. I had allowed myself to escape into a bottle of wine every night and I had lost my way.

Today I have a life that I could not have even wished for on that first day of sobriety. I am free of fear and anxiety that impacted me every day. I am happily married again and in love with my husband... We have not had an actual argument for over 2 years! I have drive and passion for life and feel excited to wake up every day.

It was not easy to work the 12 steps, to take responsibility for my part of our disfunctional life, to make real changes in how I see and relate to the world, to make changes in me alone and stop trying to change everything around me. But... It has been worth it to be truly happy with myself and my life. I still have hard days with heartache, fear and doubt, but how I handle those feelings is completely new... healthier. My soul has found it's purpose in sharing my journey and the tools of recovery through this website- and the connection with others though blogs, podcasts, music and coaching.

I laugh at my selfies, but also feel pride for who I am and how hard I've worked to a place where I love me just as I am, sober, happy, healthy and free!

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