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Stop Talking About What's Not Working

I used to spend so much time complaining to my friends about everything that was wrong in my life. We would sit around for hours rehashing all the things that weren't working and who was to blame. But I realized this mindset was keeping me stuck. Complaining may have felt cathartic in the moment, but it didn't actually change anything.

Once I became aware of this pattern, I made a conscious effort to shift my mindset. Instead of focusing on what wasn't working, I started focusing my energy on what I could control and change. Here are some strategies that helped me make this shift:

1) Catch yourself in the moment. When you notice yourself starting to complain, take a pause. Remind yourself that focusing on the negative won't actually solve anything.

2) Redirect the conversation. Instead of complaining, ask open-ended questions that shift the focus to possible solutions. Say something like "What steps do you think would help with this situation?"

3) Practice gratitude. Make a habit of noticing and appreciating the things that are working well in your life. This can balance out a tendency to focus on the negative.

4) Take action. If there's something within your control that you've been complaining about, make a plan and take the first step towards fixing it. This will give you a sense of progress instead of stagnation.

5) Seek support. Talk to trusted friends and family members about your goals and plans, not just your complaints. Their encouragement can motivate you to keep moving forward.

In the end, I realized that stopping my constant complaining didn't just make me happier - it also freed up mental energy I could put towards actually solving problems and improving my life. I hope this perspective helps you shift your mindset and stop talking about what's not working.

This Blog post was written with the assistance of .ai technology from the transcript from the Recover Your Soul episode - 'Stop Talking About What's Not Working' by Rev Rachel Harrison

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