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Spiritual Recipe: Calm

Updated: Oct 12, 2020


20 to 30 Minutes of Meditation

15 Minutes of Gentle Streching

Hot Bath or Shower

Your Favorite Relaxing/Happy Music

Meditation can be in any form that you enjoy. I find that if I have a very chattery mind I do better with guided meditation. I have the Insight Timer App and have enjoyed listening to all the different styles of meditation. Sometimes I just want to sit in the silence. Any way that helps your mind to slow down is a good choice.

Being in your body by streching allows you to connect with your inner self and care of your body.

Next take a hot bath or shower, feel the water on your skin, be in the moment and allow your self to breath and stay in the flow from the meditation and streching.

Last- listen to the music that makes you feel relaxed and happy. Be in this moment and listen to the music as if it was the first time you heard it.

This is the moment you are in now- allow your self to be there.

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