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Choosing Gratitude- My Mom's Surgery

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

I am sitting in the waiting area of our local hospital waiting while my Mom has major surgery. It is interesting how time has a fluid quality to it in the hospital that seems different than when out in the regular world. I am grateful that my Mom is such a grounded and peaceful person and has demonstrated these qualities so beautifully in my life for so long. She doesn’t get alarmed about things, including the loss of her home in the big fire at the end of last year. She goes with the flow and accepts things as they come to her- good and hard. Not long after the fire she had moved into her temporary apartment and had a night where she did not feel good and went to the Emergency Room. During that ER visit they took an X Ray that showed a concern with a nodule in her lung that ended up being an early diagnosis for something that could have been much worse if caught later.

At first glance at this situation it can be easy to feel like it’s terrible and be afraid- it is easy to allow our minds to go down the ‘Why is this happening to my Mom’ path.

However, the truth is life is not easy and being a human and getting older comes with complications for everyone. Today’s surgery is a big deal, they are removing a lobe of her lung and feel that it will remove the potentially cancerous growth and any cells that may be dangerous for her. There is no getting around the seriousness of this surgery and the recovery that is to come for her. However, if I come from this year's theme for me

‘It is as I choose to see it’. I can have gratitude that it was found early and in a place in her body where a full removal is possible. We live close to one of the best hospitals in the country with skilled and caring physicians and staff. My Mom has a great attitude and is feeling confident in the procedure and outcome that is predicted. I live only minutes from her and can be available to help her as needed during her recovery. She has a wonderful caring community of friends that are supporting her with prayer and love and will do whatever is needed in the months to come.

My Mom has taught me to accept ‘what is’ and this is another opportunity to do just that and also bring my spiritual path along for the ride. After I left the room and they wheeled her to surgery, I took out my journal and spoke to my Higher Power as I visioned the best outcome and filled my heart with love and light for all those involved in her care. I may not be able to control the world around me, but I can control what I am thinking and feeling, and I am choosing positivity and healing. I am choosing to see the best and know that no matter what comes into my life, I have all I need to walk through it as I have my Higher Power by my side.

11/3/22 update: My Mom's surgery went smoothly yesterday and after a bit of a rough afternoon and night of coming off the anesthesia and pain meds, she was in great spirits only a day after surgery. She continues to amaze me with her choice to see the light in all situations and remain grounded and steady. We are feeling optimistic that her recovery will go well and she will be back to her independent artsy self soon.


Rev Rachel

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