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Living Without Regret: How to Make Peace with Past Choices

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

In this week's episode, Rev Rachel invites us to reflect on a topic that resonates with many of us: regret. We all have moments in our lives when we look back and wonder if we could have made better choices. "What if I had done this instead?" is a question that can haunt us all. Rev Rachel shares her personal experiences of regret and shares with us how we can learn from our past choices. She encourages us to be kind to ourselves, recognizing that every choice made in the past was the best option available at that time. Rather than dwelling on past choices as mistakes, it is important to recognize that those experiences led to making different, positive choices in the present.

In this episode, Rev Rachel also reflects on a regretful moment where she had to leave her children to return to her peaceful world – a moment that brought sadness rather than relief. She questions how her past choices including her relationship with Rich, alcoholism, and codependency have affected her current feelings. Rev Rachel points out that doing Soul Recovery is important for living the life we want and for looking back on our lives without regret. She reminds us that regret often comes from not making the right choices for ourselves and not being kind to ourselves in those moments. We tend to prioritize others as codependents and untreated Al-Anons. Regret can be an opportunity to learn and acknowledge what we don't want, and to make different choices in the future.

Written with the assistance of .ai technology pulling form the Recover Your Soul Podcast episode of the same name. Listen to the episode on the website, or your favorite streaming podcast platform.

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