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About Rachel Harrison

My sober date is February 2018…

This is my second serious attempt at recovery and this time, I am different. I believe I have had a Spiritual Awakening. My life has completely changed from just a few years ago, and I owe that to the hard work of personal and spiritual growth. This new life has offered me serenity, love, connection, humility and real happiness.

The experience, strength and hope I received from spiritual teachers and others in recovery has given me the strength to leave behind a hopeless and unmanageable life, as well as the craving for drinking that consumed me. I have learned so much from the rooms of 12 step, reading books, listening to podcasts, and the personal stories shared by others in recovery. We can not and should not have to do this alone.

I have heard an inner voice for a long time encouraging me to become a Minister and to share the message of a spiritual path, but I was still in my own Dark Night of the Soul. The darkness that was such a big piece of my life and who I was, has transformed through the work of recovery. I am even more passionate now about creating this space called Recover Your Soul.

I have been married for 26 years, and we have found a new love in recovery. My boys, now grown, are off living their own lives across the country and doing well. I am working in a healthy and spiritual environment. It can be hard to believe this is my new reality.

I am in a new place of exploration and curiosity in this new chapter in my life—one of service. I am also studying to become an Ordained Minister with a Bachelors in Metaphysical Sciences. My goal in creating is to offer inspiration, strength, and hope through writings, podcasts, developing a like-minded community, and offering spiritual coaching as a way to help others.

I hope that you will find hope and inspiration from the sharings on this site—I am not special, nor do I have new information that has not already been taught elsewhere. However, I have been in the darkness and come out the other side and work daily to maintain this new found awareness and way of living. I hope you will join me on this journey and be a part of this special community.

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