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A Spiritual Path to a Happy and Healthy Life. 


Podcaster & Spiritual Coach

Spiritual Coaching

The Spiritual Support of Rev Rachel Harrison

The way to make changes in the world around us starts with making changes within ourselves. I am here to guide you through the process of Soul Recovery.

My mission is to support your transformation by empowering you to remember and discover your

True Self. We do this through the process of release, self-awareness and connection to your Higher Power. I can help you to heal, clear old patterns, and find a new way of living.  

My coaching and counseling style is based on your individual needs, desires and goals. We are in this together.

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The voice of Rev Rachel Harrison

Recover You Soul is a podcast offering inspiration, strength and hope through the tools of recovery, spirituality and positive psychology.  Personal and spiritual recovery does not need an addiction to use the tools and principles to better our lives and transform- just the desire to do make positive changes and grow.

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