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Step One of Soul Recovery - Admitting we are Powerless and Letting go of Control

  • 90Days
  • 7Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.
Working the Steps to Recover Your Soul with Rev Rachel Harrison - Step One Letting go of control and admitting we are powerless. Working this first step of the healing process allows us to realize that we have been carrying the heavy load of feeling responsible for everyone else's happiness. We are waking up to understand that our people pleasing and codependence is not working for us any longer and we are ready to take our happiness into our own hands. Soul Recovery is a Spiritual Path to a Happy and Healthy life as we turn the attention to ourselves to recognize and change beliefs and patterns that do not align with our True Selves, or the life that we want to be living. We are taking our power back and choosing to be happy and heathy!


Welcome to "Recover Your Soul," a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth through the Soul Recovery process, created by Rev. Rachel Harrison. These program sessions are designed to emulate the experience of sitting with Rev. Rachel as she gently guides you through the steps and processes of Soul Recovery. Step One lays the foundation for authenticity, resilience, and healing. In this session, Rev. Rachel will lead you into the concept of powerlessness, not as a source of fear but as the cornerstone of true freedom and self-awareness. By relinquishing our attempts to control people and circumstances around us, we can redirect our focus towards our own healing and growth. This entails allowing others to navigate their own journeys while cultivating compassion and grace, particularly towards ourselves. This program includes 2 hours of video content featuring instructions, meditations, and journaling exercises for "Soul Work." They are intended to be taken slowly and at your own pace for the deepest level of healing and transformation. Each program module is available to you for 3 months and includes access to the private group in the programs page for support and connection. "Together we can do the work that will Recover Your Soul." Rev Rachel



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