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To overcome external circumstances, we must first turn our attention to ourselves, focusing on our own personal growth and healing. Positive results in our lives will follow. The process of Soul Recovery teaches us to surrender control, embrace spirituality, heal past wounds, release unhealthy patterns and belief systems, and reconnect with our inherent wholeness. This transformative journey leads to a life of inner peace and happiness.

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Season 5 Episode Thumbnail (3).png

Together we can do the 

work that will 

Recover Your Soul."

Rev Rachel Harrison

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Ready to Start your Soul Recovery?
First Step
Free Resources and Community Support


FREE Monthly Soul Recovery Support Group

Join us on the 1st Monday of each month for the Soul Recovery Support group on Zoom

from 6-7PM MST.

All are welcome


Join the Facebook Community

Join the Soul Recovery private Facebook Group . Get inspiration from Rev Rachel, ask and answer questions, post inspiration of your Soul Recovery.

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Listen to the Podcast

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Start a Self-Directed Journey

  • ​Flexible Self-Directed Progression: Recover your Soul through the 9 Steps of Soul Recovery at your own pace, allowing for flexibility and personalized learning tailored to your schedule and needs, while still feeling like you are working one on one with Rev Rachel for only $97 per program. 

  • Holistic Transformation: Cultivate a deeper connection with your Higher Power and achieve a profound inner peace by relinquishing control over the external, recognizing and healing old wounds and patterns and embracing your inner strength, connecting to your wholeness and Higher Self.

  • Extended Integration: Allow time to absorb and integrate the teachings of each step into your life, cultivating deep healing and transformation at your own pace. 

Next Step

Guidance through The Steps of
Soul Recovery
Rev Rachel

Spiritual and Life Coaching

  • Personalized Guidance: Experience intuitive support on your unique Soul Recovery journey, uncovering and releasing the patterns and beliefs holding you back.

  • Deep Emotional Healing: Work the process of the 9 Steps of Soul Recovery with Rev Rachel's compassionate guidance, allowing you to heal past wounds and rediscover your True Self.

  • Spiritual Connection: Connect more deeply with your Higher Power as Rev Rachel helps you navigate your spiritual path, cultivating a profound sense of spiritual awareness and purpose. 

  • Inner Peace and Empowerment: Let go of external control and reclaim your inner peace under Rev Rachel's guidance and support, empowering you to live authentically and fully aligned with your Higher Self.

Rock Maze

"Having been at an extremely low point in my life exactly one year ago, I found Rev Rachel's podcast. I immediately booked coaching sessions as I was guided to allow her healing energy into my being. Having worked the steps of Soul Recovery directly with Rachel has helped me transform my life.  It’s nothing short of miraculous that I can look back to just one year ago and see myself at the lowest of low points in my life and sit here now with peace, clarity, comfort and even joy - with a smile on my face. Soul Recovery, coupled with Rachel’s wisdom, radiance, intuition, experience, and love have helped me transform and find myself again. I can’t thank her enough." 

Changing Lives with Soul Recovery

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Stay Informed About the Community and Events
 Retreats, Groups,Guided Meditations
& Help Support Recover Your Soul

Soul Recovery Retreats, Groups
and Workshops

Join Rev Rachel for transformative retreats, Sacred Circles, and online Zoom workshops and events. These gatherings offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in deep spiritual healing and growth, surrounded by a supportive and like-minded community. Whether you're attending an in-person retreat, participating in the monthly Sacred Circle, or joining a workshop from the comfort of your home, you'll experience profound teachings, meaningful connections, and powerful tools for your Soul Recovery journey. Embrace the chance to nurture your spirit, heal your heart, and rediscover your inherent wholeness with us.

Explore Guided Mediations led by
Rev Rachel on Insight Timer


Rev. Rachel is honored to be a teacher on Insight Timer and continues to add guided meditations to her profile. Discover the peace and clarity that comes from regular meditation practice with Rev. Rachel on Insight Timer, and allow her guidance to help you uncover and Recover Your Soul.

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