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What the Hell, or, Hold on to Your Hat Dorothy!!

Hey all! I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I’m fairly sensitive to the dance of our solar system’s celestial orbs, and this biennial event of Mars in retrograde (September 9th until November 13th) and Mercury about to go retrograde, for 3 weeks (October 13 until November 3rd) plus numerous squares as well as a supermoon of one sort or another has me feeling as if I’m in a spacious confinement of deep inner release, downloads of Mystical Truths, as well as a romp into uncharted territory, if you will. Trippy!

The big aha – and there were several over the last two weeks – was the morning when I awakened to a totally unexpected personal truth, which is to say that it’s time to let go of my longstanding ‘death wish.’ A wish I have entertained, and prayed for, since I was six years of age. When pondering this revelation, an inverse correlation became clear. When the ‘death wish’ is high, my desire to express and extend God’s given purpose radically declines. When the ‘death wish’ is quiet, exuberance and enthusiasm return bringing the color of open doors. What a blast of reality. Lol! Dah! Yes, I am slow along the path of progression, but on beam I am – step by step by step!

In the not so distant past, using the ‘death wish’ was like taking a drink – it took the edge off. Now it is no longer an option. It is time to gracefully move through all the consequences of previous choices, holding the hand of God, while letting Great Spirit breath Beauty, Love and Truth into their dried and weary bones. Okay. I’m in. Another level of Trust. Good!

That being said, over the past two weeks I have sat down to blog several times. I’d sit at my desk, put my fingers on the keyboard, and nothing. A grin would eventually raise the outer corners of my mouth north, just a bit, as I awaited inspiration; and then I’d hear myself giggle that knowing giggle indicating that not one written word would be forthcoming. I’d give the barren experience 15-30 minutes, much longer than I’ve given friends, who were late for time commitments, which, by the way, rarely happens anymore now that most of my friends don’t drink or do drugs.

Any way, life has been full, but the wherewithal to write about it not so much. Sitting there ready to let my fingers race across the keyboard, but feeling their inability to move, was like sitting with some mighty force that simply would not allow the preciousness of personal transcendency to be exposed beyond the private pages of my journal. Okay. Some things need only be shared during those sacred times – when hearts and minds are open to reveal, and receive. Again, I’m in.

And then, as noted above, I was guided to check-in with the astrology of this season. Woozie. As also mentioned above, it is truly a wild ride we are on. There is a mighty force. If interested just google astrology, autumn, 2020. It might help you to relax into the times, and their energies.

So, the urge to write this post woke me up from a sound sleep. I restlessly wrestled with the bed sheets totally disturbing the reverie of my beloved feline, Griffy, which is unusual for me. Most often I find sleep again, if I put my head in a different direction, like south or west, but not tonight. I guess the three-hour ‘nap’ was all I needed to let this jumble of words flow from a jangle of time. Thanks for reading.

The middle verse of a poem from Rumi titled, “A Great Wagon:”

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense. The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open. Don’t go back to sleep.”

Be Kind and gentle with yourselves. I love you beyond words.

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