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No Excuse

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

My apologies to those who might have read the previous posting about my Mom. She did survive the stroke with complications. On the same day as the stroke procedure (a trip to the brain, through an artery starting in the groin, to drain the blood clot) caused calcium deposits to break loose in that artery, which caused her leg to be without a pulse. Not good.

That night a surgeon successfully performed surgery on Beverly’s leg beginning her mending process. The mend has been full. Anxiety plagues her. She is moving in a few days. She is weakened in body, mind and spirit. She is moving to a new assisted living, which promises more connection with others, which Beverly thrives in, but she is so feeble that the idea of eating a sandwich is a bit much, at this time.

God what a position to be in! Beverly does have a strong relationship with God, so she is in trust of His Will for her, but on the human level she is getting stronger in her voice and yet still far from the baseline she enjoyed before stroke.

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